In 1955 National Molding invented the Hetero Cavity molding technology. Over the next 60 years, National Molding has made continuous improvements to its plastic molding practices, quality management, customer service, and customer communication to become one of the largest automotive component and assembly providers in the world. National Molding currently supplies over one billion automotive parts per year to various automotive tier and OEM suppliers.

Hetero-Cavity Injection Molding: NMC’s proprietary molding process offers our customers unprecedented flexibility, drastically reduced lead times, and significant cost savings

Custom Injection Molding: NMC is an industry leader molding components in press tonnage ranges from 50T to 400T.

Two-Shot Injection Molding: NMC continues to push the envelope in developing new and unique two-shot molding components for the automotive industry.

Insert & Overmolding: Complex insert and overmolding to intricate geometrics using collapsing core technology.

Assembly: Each one of NMC’s global plants has the capability, dedicated staff, and automation technologies to provide any of your assembly needs.

Design Capability
Even though we are not design responsible, NMC understands that our automotive customers have unique and complex needs. NMC’s dedicated design and application engineering staff are active to assist our customers to design out cost and improve application function. NMC’s long history and mastery of technology ranging from mold production, injection molding, and assembly processes allow us to respond to the diverse needs of the automotive industry each year.

Automotive Customer Base
OEM’s – General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, VW, Nissan, Honda, NMC also manufactures
product for just about every automotive upper tier supplier.





Automotive Markets

Multi-Function Switch, Mechanisms & Actuators, Safety Restraint, Door Latch / Lock, Steering System, Fuel System, Brake System, Catalog Fasteners, Seating, Electrical / Connectors, Pedal Assembly, Chassis, Ball / Roller Bearing, Lighting, Interior / Exterior Trim, Cargo Restraint, Door Handle, Mirror System, Drivetrain, Transmission, Air&Fluid maintenance.

Quality Focus
National Molding’s primary focus to provide our customers with best-in-class quality through constant improvement.

All NMC global plant are approved per appropriate ISO standard.

Program Management
National Molding has a commitment to proactively manage each new program to ensure a flawless launch and to its injection mold supplies. Our team will provide the support and weekly correspondence to make sure that all of our customer needs and requirements are met in a timely and organized manner.