National Molding Company Team Miami Lakes Florida USA

About us

National Molding is a leader in the injection molding segment for precision parts. The company produces over 3.5 billion parts per year all utilizing highly engineered resins. National Molding’s use of cutting edge technology supported with our proprietary injection molding process is unmatched. Hetero Cavity injection molding was developed here at National Molding and it continues to be the foundation of our manufacturing processes today. Over 80% of all products produced use the proprietary Hetero Cavity Technology.

At National Molding we produce highly engineered plastic parts to demanding tolerances for world class, multi-national companies. Over 60% of our products serve Tier 1, Tier 2, and direct OEM automotive customers. The remainder of our business is comprised of Duraflex-USA buckles and fasteners for recreational, pet supplies and sporting goods markets. Additionally, we manufacture and assemble a line of highly technical “release systems” products for the military and law enforcement market. We also manufacture a wide variety of commercial products for the plumbing fixture, telecommunications, appliance, irrigation, furniture, marine and electrical products markets. Additionally, our Medical Products’ product devices and medical along with medical assembly utilizing ISO class 7&8 clean room capability.

National Molding is headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida and we have 4 primary manufacturing locations:

• Miami Lakes, FL

• Shanghai, China

• Largo, FL

• Toronto, Canada

From these locations, we serve the world-wide needs of our customers. We are a fast growing company having completed two acquisitions in a 12 month period ( 2016/2017)