Machine Operator

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Location: NMC Medical Products (Largo, FL)

Shifts: 2nd - Afternoon,

Open Date: 03/10/2022

Training and Daily Responsibility: Shift /Team Supervisor
Performance: Shift /Team Supervisor
Department: Manufacturing

Department Mission Statement

Acting on information received from sales and production scheduling, the Manufacturing Department will endeavor to meet customer order requirements, shipping the correct materials, in the correct quantities, to the desired quality, on time and to the correct location. The Manufacturing Department also aims to perform the above activities using optimum utilization of manufacturing resources and with an on-going commitment to continually strive to improve performance in all areas impacting the manufacturing process.

Position Responsibilities

  • Ascertains that all parts from the machine are inspected to ensure that each part will be 100% acceptable to the customer. Use the detailed inspection information located on the In-Process Inspection Sheet for what is acceptable and what must be rejected. Notify the Molding Manager/Shift Supervisor/QC Inspector if the number of rejected parts is high.
  • Ensures the consistency of the cycles. Every cycle is to run the same as every other cycle by operation of the machine gate. The timing of opening and closing the gate controls the consistency of the cycle. A consistent cycle will produce consistent parts. This is particularly important when the machine is running in semi-automatic (operator controls the beginning of cycle through opening and closing the door).
  • Inspects the mold when running the press in semi-automatic. Visually inspect the mold every time it opens at the end of a cycle before starting the next cycle. Look for broken pieces of metal, missing components, water leaking, or a part of plastic stuck. Notify the Shift Supervisor/QC Inspector if anything looks different at any time in the run. When running in fully automatic, also visually inspect the mold as it runs. Open the door if you see something wrong (this will stop the press operation) and immediately see the Shift Supervisor, QC Inspector, Mold Tech, or Molding Manager.
  • Inspects the machine to ensure the level of material in the hopper, gaylord, or blue barrel. If material is running low inform the Shift Supervisor, Material Handler, or Mold Tech. Running out of material is an unnecessary mistake that costs the company time and money.
  • Performs secondary operations. Many parts will require some type of secondary operation such as trimming the gate, removing flash, or assembly. This operation is very important since it is one of the final steps to preparing the part for the customer. Whenever possible it is best to perform secondaries at a pace that keeps up with the press.
  • Ensures that all material to be ground up matches with the proper material label between press, grinder and storage container.
  • Cleans and maintains the operator’s station with proper housekeeping standards. This is important for two reasons.
    • Safety
    • Contamination
  • The second most frequent cause of defects in molded parts is contamination. Sweep floor areas around press, keep aisle ways clear for movement.
  • Informs following shift of any problems or of any information concerning running of the press.