National Molding has a long and impressive history. It is the story of two companies which both began decades ago manufacturing similar products and both using specialized molding technology. The roots of the company began when National Molding was founded by Bernie and Marcia Anscher in 1965. Later, their son Joseph, who grew up in the business, took over and ran the company for a short time.

Security Plastics was founded back in 1955 by Norman Cohan and Fred Wise. Both National Molding and Security Plastics prospered manufacturing highly technical components for the door and window industry that was booming in the post war era. National Molding had developed a unique injection molding technology called “Uni Molding System”. Similarly, Security Plastics had developed a proprietary injection molding technology called “Hetero Cavity Molding”. Both unique mold technologies effectively eliminated the tradeoff between low unit pricing and high mold costs. This specialized molding technology continues to be the backbone of the manufacturing process today at National Molding.

Through the years, Security Plastics expanded their presence producing precision parts for the automotive, appliance and electronics segments. National Molding leveraged their molding technology to develop its own line of fasteners and buckles for the automotive and outdoor retail markets. In 2002, National Molding purchased Security Plastics merging their synergistic technologies to become the world’s largest injection molder specializing in this modular “Hetero Cavity” molding technology.

Today, the company continues to grow and manufactures over a billion parts each year. The company has also become a proficient injection molder using custom tools for higher volume applications. National Molding serves multi-national customers worldwide from its 5 primary manufacturing locations; Miami Lakes, Florida is National Molding’s largest facility and also serves as its Corporate Headquarters.

National Molding also has facilities in Largo Florida, Toronto Canada, and Shanghai, China. Today, our highly engineered products are sold to Tier 1 & 2 automotive companies along with OEMs. We also have a broad line of buckles and fasteners sold under the “Duraflex USA” brand and we manufacture highly technical, tactical products for the US Military and law enforcement.

Additionally, we have a broad and growing line of commercial products serving the plumbing, electronics and other markets. We are proud of our heritage, our specialized manufacturing process (Hetero Cavity) and our impressive base of customers across the globe.