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Our Hetero Cavity System provides a fast cost-effective injection molding solution for small high quality precision plastic parts. We give our customers a competitive advantage by saving them time and money over conventional custom molding.

The Hetero Cavity System utilizes a unique interchangeable, multi-cavity, modular mold system. Our systems vary in capacity from 2 up to 24 tool modules. Each tool module can have multiple cavities depending on the size of the parts. Twenty-four different parts can run simultaneously in one machine utilizing our custom collector system that separates the parts into their own shipping containers. This reduces your cost by allowing you to share a portion of the cost of an injection molding machine rather than pay for the whole machine.

Additionally, Hetero Cavity tooling costs are a fraction of conventional molds and the lead time from concept to production is greatly reduced.

Hetero Cavity System advantages:

If your part fits in the palm of your hand and weighs 28 grams or less we can mold it in the Hetero Cavity System.

Hetero Cavity Video