National Molding

Your Basic Guide to Plastic Molding

Plastics are semi-synthetic or synthetic compounds that can be molded into hard objects. It is also polymers that may be combined with other substances. After manufacturing, plastics can be seen almost everywhere. From your favorite toys, kitchen utensils, jars, tubes, bottles, cases, protective caps, and accessories, there’s almost nothing in our modern life that hasn’t been touched with the wonders of plastic molding.

The Process: From Melting To Cooling

The very basic thought of this process is melting plastic and having it take the shape of a mold once it hardens but for your sake, we’ll be discussing it in detail.

As you can see, in order for plastic to become products such as dog collar buckles, boxes, flower pots, traffic signages, product displays, market promotions, cabinets, breakfast trays, backpack buckles and car parts, it has to undergo a heating process.

Selected raw materials like duraflex material are placed in the plastic injection molding machine and melted. As it moves further inside the machine, it is forced into molds by way of injection. Once the molten plastic takes the shape of the mold, it is allowed to cool, harden, then ejected from the machine. The process is repeated until the desired number of products has been made. So if a client orders for a thousand plastic buckles, the machine will do the process all over again until a thousand buckles have been made.

The Various Processes of Plastic Molding

The process mentioned earlier is called injection molding but there are also other techniques in manufacturing plastics.

Whether you admire the process undergone by quick release buckles or not, one thing’s for sure; plastic molding is an amazing process!

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