National Molding

Why The Molding Company Matters When Buying Plastic Buckles

If you are a military personnel, a person who loves outdoor adventure, and a loving dog owner, you probably have asked yourself where to buy plastic buckles. On your quest to find the right and perfect ones, you are joined by numerous people around the world. You do not need to fret because we are here to help.

While considering various options that are available to you, you might be wondering what makes a certain product different from the others. If it was a secret, we would love to whisper it in your ear but it is better to let as many people know about this.

When it comes to buying the best plastic belt buckle, the secret is collaborating with a world-class molding company. Working with the best has its many perks and we will help you understand why.

You gain peace of mind.

When we purchase something, we do not want to be bothered with the idea that we brought something of low quality or something that is substandard.

With National Molding, that is a thing of the past. Our buckles are manufactured using plastic injection molding. Our Duraflex series of products are even made with the highest quality of BERRY compliance represented in today’s market.

So every purchase from our latest catalog or online store promises one thing; we want to meet your strictest requirements by putting extraordinary attention to detail and enduring commitment to quality control procedures and quality assurance.

You get tried and tested products.

Our strict manufacturing programs have allowed us to release high quality products to the market. Due to our diverse product lines, we have served numerous clients and various industries, including the military and tactical department, police force, pet supplies, and sporting goods.

So whether you are creating a personal backpack or building a tactical gear, our Duraflex buckles will surely exceed your high expectations.

You get to work with reliable buckle makers.

National Molding has acquired more than three decades of manufacturing expertise in innovative buckle design solutions, making us the premier choice among quick release buckle suppliers. Our manufacturing history started in 1965 with Bernie and Marcia Anscher establishing the company. Then in 2002, National Molding merged with Security Plastics to leverage their expertise in producing precision parts for the electronic, appliance, and automotive industry.

To this day, we have a growing number of commercial products, serving more industries and making a difference, one product at a time. We are very proud of our legacy, our specially designed manufacturing process (Hetero Cavity), and our remarkable list of satisfied and loyal customer all over the world.

To recap, there are three reasons why you should carefully choose the right molding company for your upcoming manufacturing project. First, you deserve peace of mind. Secondly, you get to acquire high quality products that are tried and tested. Thirdly, you get to collaborate with highly experience manufacturers, the very best in the plastic injection molding industry.

Here at National Molding, we believe that you only deserve the best!

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