National Molding

Why Choose National Molding?

National Molding company has a time tested method for producing the highest quality plastic injection molded parts.  The Duraflex division of National Molding has been providing precision engineered injection molded parts to the US Military for more than a decade.

One of the keys to their continued success is in process Quality Assurance and Quality Control performed on the floor at the press.  The plastic injection molded parts are inspected as they come off the presses insuring that the process is producing the Duraflex buckles to their exacting specification. This constant inspections is one reason Duraflex buckles have been recognized as the industry standard for high quality and durability.

In order to maintain this high level quality, Duraflex buckles undergo both visual inspection as well as destructive strength testing.  Many of the processes and protocols are borrowed from the automotive side of our manufacturing.

The second reason National Molding is consider one of the best in the molding companies is their commitment to innovative designs.  The New Product Development center is responsible for the inception of these designs and employs industrial designers, engineers as well as military consultants. Their designs of custom buckles and equipment specific designs have been recognized as the industry standard.

Each custom buckle design is thoroughly tested for both strength and durability before it is brought to market.

When a customer comes to us with a specialized need a custom buckle can be rapidly developed to meet their requirements.  The designs can be prototyped in house (3D printed or CNC machines) or even soft tooled for a limited pre-production evaluation.