National Molding

There’s More To Duraflex Material Than What It Seems

As you go about living your life on a day to day basis, you might have thought about all the devices in your house that make your life easier.

Need to cook something. Thank the stove or microwave oven.

Need to keep things cool or keep food from spoiling? Thank the handy dandy refrigerator.

Need to feel pumped up with good vibes? Turn up the volume and play your favorite tunes on the stereo.

So where does the duraflex material come and provide you a life of ease?

Think of a life jacket, back pack, or dog collar. What do these three things have in common.

Yes, you’re right! All three have materials and it is found in the plastic buckles used in securing it.


Time To Give The Duraflex Material Some Love

Now that you’re aware that dog collar buckles and are made up of this material, I bet you can finally feel the need to appreciate its effect on your life.



How would life look look like without it?


How Duraflex Buckles Are Made

You might be curious as to how exactly duraflex buckles are manufactured. It’s not rocket science but it is science that’s awesome and fantastic!

Plastic manufacturers like National Molding make sure that they have enough supply of plastic or Duraflex to meet the demands of numerous clients on the best duraflex material.

When clients submit an order, that’s when the magic starts. A client would give the molding company their preferred design. Based on the design of the order and its intended use, the molding company would formulate a concoction of plastic resin and additives to make it very strong. If the client would give the go signal, the manufacturing begins!

Most plastic manufacturers value the technique called injection molding because this technique gives them the capability of producing massive amounts of high quality products.

Molds of steel will provide the shape of the product while melted plastic takes form as it is being poured into the mold cavities. Once the melted plastic has already cooled, it is ejected from the machine and checked for quality control.

Injection molding is so cool that is is being used to manufacture tiny parts that can be used in surgeries or manufacturing various car parts, even using the duraflex material for molding.


Why Choose National Molding Duraflex?

There are a lot of plastic manufacturers in the country so you may end up confused as to what company is best. If you want a company that already has decades of experience in manufacturing plastics especially when it comes to molding using the duraflex material and highly specialized molding technology, purchasing a product with National Molding Duraflex would be a two-thumbs up!


Because all dog collar buckles that come out of their factory is guaranteed to be strong, sturdy, and specially made for the highly demanding lifestyle of modern society.

Whether it’s Duraflex buckles that keep your bag secure or your dog within easy reach, there’s no denying the fact that plastic buckles literally do keep your life together!

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