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The Wonders of Plastic Injection Molding

We now live in a world dominated by plastic. If you want me to prove it to you, just take a minute and look around your room. I bet you can name more than 10 things that are made out of plastic. It is used in almost everything that we do; from packaging, human body parts, hobbies, decorating, duraflex material, automotive body parts, custom buckles, and a whole lot more!

When it comes to manufacturing plastic, there are many types of -plastic molding- and each type has its own set of advantage and disadvantages. This article, however, will focus on a specific type, the -plastic injection molding-.

What is plastic injection molding?

Any molding company would consider this type of plastic molding to be the most adaptable among the techniques of injection molding due to its superb quality and high-volume capacity in manufacturing.

Presses used by a plastic manufacturer would vary depending on size and the rate of specified tonnage or pressure. The bigger machines can produce injection molded plastic automotive parts while the smaller ones can produce accurate plastic injection mold that can be used in surgeries. Aside from that, there are various kinds of plastic additives and resins that can be incorporated in the manufacturing of plastic products like duraflex plastic buckles in which engineers and designers can experience a flexibility of design.

What is the process of manufacturing plastic injection molding?

The process is actually simple and easy but customization methods and a lot of enhancements can be included to manufacture the desired specifications in structure and finish. Injection molding is commonly fashioned in steel and it contains the cavities that will give form to a specific injection molded plastic to be manufactured.

Plastic is then melted and injected inside the plastic molding, filling all the cavities available. The plastic inside the plastic injection mold is then cooled and once the product has already hardened, it is ejected out of the mold by pins.

This process is very much alike making jello. You first melt the jello, pour it into the mold, then wait for it to harden before popping it out from the mold.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of injection molding?

The downside of plastic molding is that the cost of the entire process is quite high but the amount per product manufacture is very cost-effective.  In order to make the best out of plastic injection mold, designers and engineers just have to customize the finish options and resin that will create an injection molded plastic that is well-suited to the demand of the client and manufacturing landscape of today’s society.

Isn’t it amazing how this process works? There are just a lot of things we can do with plastic injection molding.

The next time I’ll walk my dog in the park and get a glimpse of its collar buckle, I will always be reminded about the versatility of injection molded plastic and the wonders it has given us.

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