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The Wonders of Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding is perhaps the most common procedure in manufacturing plastic products. Why would a molding company prefer this type of procedure over the others? It has a wide range of capabilities. It can manufacture parts with undercuts, springs, hinges, holes, and threads. It doesn’t even matter if the desired product needs to solid, foamed, plated, hot stamped, textured, rigid, polished, colored or clear, simple or complex, reinforced or filled, small or large, and thick or thin.

There’s just so much that injection molding can do and we’ll show you how the magic happens inside the factory.

The Plastic Injection Molding Process

Injection molders differ in size and shape. It comes in desk-sized units or even as big as a house! Even if machines virtually vary, all of it contains two systems: the injection system and the clamping system.

There are two types of injection system: the commonly used reciprocating screw and the two-stage screw. The parts of reciprocating screw system are the hopper, reciprocating screw, injection barrel, hydraulic motor, and injection cylinder.

The injection system starts when resin is placed into the hopper manually or by vacuum. Resin is melted to its appropriate flow ability or viscosity. Molten plastic goes inside the injection barrel through the rotation of the reciprocating screw powered by the hydraulic motor. The molten plastic is then dragged into the nozzle portion of the injection barrel then injected into the mold. Once the plastic has cooled, the machine will eject it and the cycle begins again.

The Wonderful Plastic

As mentioned earlier, injection molders can almost manufacture any type of product made of plastic. Specific types of resins are used for certain products. One of the best raw materials for manufacturing plastic products is Duraflex material.

Products made out of the material are an assurance that it is a hardware that is BERRY compliant with the highest quality. It is mostly used in many industries like the military, tactical division, sporting goods, and pet supplies.

One great product manufactured out of Duraflex are custom buckles. I bet you have already owned a lot of things with a buckle on it.

Can’t think of anything with a buckle?

When you pack your bags for a weekend of mountain climbing, how do your secure your bag? Most bags use zippers but some also use buckles.

How about when you take your dog for an afternoon stroll in the nature park? How do you make sure that your dog will not run away from you? You use a leash with a dog collar buckles on it, right?

How about when your pants are a bit loose on the waist? You secure it with a belt right? Take a look at how you secure it. You’re using a metal or plastic buckle!

Do you already get the picture? Life is easier with those things around. To make sure that those things won’t fail you when you need it the most, own products that are made out of Duraflex stealth plastic buckles. After all, we want the very best right?

Aside from the fact that Duraflex is an elite choice of material for injection molders, the future only holds a more exciting future for plastic injection molding. Innovation will definitely bring in more high quality products made for meticulous you!

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