National Molding

The Rise of Injection Molded Plastic

You may not be familiar with the term injection mold nor give a damn to injection molded plastic but to tell you honestly, your life would be a lot different without this innovation.

Plastic injection molding is a process of manufacturing products made out of plastic. First, raw materials are heated, injected into a large barrel, then injected into a mold. After cooling, the solidified resin will then be ejected from the mold and viola! That’s how your favorite strap buckles, toys, kitchen utensils, and even car parts are made!

If you found the process interesting, wait until you get to know the interesting history. You could probably say that the modern history of plastics may start with Alexander parkes invention of the Parkesine back in 1861 but it was made even better in 1868 when inventor John Wesley Hyatt first manufactured the Celluloid.

John Wesley Hyatt did not stop there. He and his brother Isaiah developed a machine that automated the manufacturing process in 1872. Although their machine is far too simple as compared to the machines we have today, you cannot deny the fact that they started a revolution.

Things got more exciting during the first World War because it created a demand for cheap mass-produced items. To meet the demand, James Watson Hendry invented the screw injection mechanism which gave plastic manufacturers the control they need in producing items in a speedy manner.

The decades that followed proved to be a great time for plastics because almost everything we see on our homes and society are made up of it. Aside from innovations in the machines used in manufacturing, much advancement was also made on the raw materials or resin.

Not all plastic products out in the market have good quality so to keep the industry on high regard, we at National Molding only make use of duraflex material to manufacture our highly-regarded custom buckles. A single duraflex stealth buckle is worth more than a dozen poorly made ones.

Need proof? The US military and police use it themselves! And mind you, they don’t use just any type of buckles. They only use the best ones! That’s the beauty of National Molding duraflex.

As a company, we are set upon the delivery of world class plastic components, made with precision, passion, and innovation. Our magnificent financial growth can only be credited to our commitment to give the best. Our employees give life to our company by filling it with passion.  They work hard to manufacture the most precise plastic products to satisfy our greatest client; you!

So next time you see a buckle on your back pack or life jacket, sit down on a swiveling chair, turn on a faucet, drive a car, take your dog for a walk in the park, or put on the button on your shirt, keep into mind the passion placed on each and every item. It’s a product of years and years of magnificent innovation!

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