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The Process of Plastic Molding

We now live in a highly industrialized and modern world where people are always on the go and in need of constant communication. To fulfill the need to be always connected, people depend highly on the latest technology or gadgets, simple or complicated, to help ease their life. To cater to the demanding world of today, various products must be sturdy and efficient, as well as light enough to be carried wherever people would go or strong enough to be placed as a component part for a bigger machine.

What kind of raw material can answer to this need and what process should it undergo? To answer this question, all you need to do is look around. What do you see?

Let me give you a clue: mineral water bottles, credit cards, grocery packaging. What are these 3 made of? Yes, they are all made of plastic.

To create various products that are highly useful to people, how do we manufacture plastic? I guess you already have a hint. One way of making wonderful things from plastic, big or small, is through injection or plastic molding.

What is Plastic Molding?

It is the process of transforming polymers into products with various shapes, sizes, and usage. A molding company would use this process in manufacturing some of our favorite stuff like enclosures for our gadgets, toys, construction kits, or even chairs. The entire process of transforming plastic into products is very fast, thanks to the special machines, thermosetting polymers, and thermoplastic.

How exactly are products manufactured through Plastic Molding?

First of all, plastic manufacturers must have enough raw materials and machinery to do such thing. In this case, special polymers and machines capable of molding simple and complicated shapes in a very short amount of time.

The molding company would start heating the polymer. Once it’s melted, the liquid is forced into a mold through pressure. In other words, the liquid plastic is injected into the mold.

The polymer is injected to the mold through is opening or sprue point. If you will look closely at any products manufactured through this process, sprue point is noticeable as a slight projection or protrusion on the plastic. It can also be the noticeable split line which is caused by a mold which sides were not fit together in a perfect fashion.

Aside from gadgets and toys, what does a molding company manufacture through Plastic Molding?

A lot of plastic manufacturers use the process to create car parts, materials used for surgery, or even custom buckles!

What are custom buckles?

Buckles are used to tie two loose ends with one another. If you will look, you will notice that your home is filled with buckles that help make your life easier.

Check out your backpack. If closing it means snapping something together, you probably are using a buckle.

How about you belt? You use it to secure your pants around your waist. It is actually a buckle

How about your favorite pet dog? How do you take it to the park? You put a leash on it’s neck, right? How do you secure it? Usually with a snap on buckle or belt, right?

As you can see now, the most tiny things do great stuff for us. Can you imagine life now without these custom buckles?

Aren’t you glad that plastic manufacturers are here to create a lot of wonderful stuff for us?

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