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The Diverse Applications of Plastic Injection Molding

The scientific process of plastic injection molding has revolutionized the manufacturing of plastic commodities for numerous industries. It is so revolutionary that its products can be seen in our day to day lives and we find them as ordinary.

We tend to forget that it took us many years to perfect this technique. As the alarm clock wakes you up, as you comb your hair with a brush or tie it with ribbons, as you open a bottle of mineral water, as you turn on your television or radio, and as you drive your car to work, always remember all the years of hard work and thought that was put into its creation. You can almost say that modern life, as we know it, cannot live without it.

Just imagine a life without all the products mentioned earlier. It would be quite a different life, wouldn’t it?

The injection moulding companies has perfected the manufacturing system of injection molding that the possibilities can only be limited to your imagination. Whatever you have in mind, they can help make it possible.

So that you can appreciate it more, we will give you a very quick overview of how it works and we’ll share some of its applications that you might not be familiar yet.

The Plastic Injection Molding Procedure

  1. An idea is rendered into computer software. It is checked for precise measurement and possible errors in the manufacturing process. A metal mold will be created and will be attached to the plastic injection molding machine. A choice of particular plastic resin from the injection mold supplies will also be discussed to make sure that final product is strong and firm.
  2. The plastic resin pellets will be fed into the plastic injection molding machine. It will be heated and melted. Once the plastic pellets have liquefied, it will be forced unto the metal molds and allowed to take its shape.
  3. Once the metal molds are filled with molten plastic, the product will be allowed to solidify and cool. It will then be popped out from the system and will be placed under strict quality assurance for checking.

The entire process doesn’t sound so complicated, right? This technique is so efficient, precise, and accurate that mass production with less human intervention is very possible.

So aside from the products we’ve mentioned earlier, what other applications can this process be used on?

The Products of Plastic Injection Molding

You may not know it but buckle makers love injection molding a lot, and they use it to make virtually any kind of buckle you can think of; life vest buckles, belt buckles, bag buckles, and so much more. If you happen to have kids at home, you may appreciate the fact that toys are manufactured through it.

Even in the kitchen, you are surrounded by hundreds of things made of plastic. Just look at the packaging and containers for your food, the refrigerator, the kitchen utensils, the plates, the glasses, and so on.

Plastic injection molding too has saved a lot of lives in the medical field. Don’t you know that heart pumps, fetal heartbeat monitors, blood sugar monitors, skeletal braces, and various medical instruments are made with plastic?

Plastic has even invaded space! Various parts of a rocket ship or satellite have numerous plastic components in them. Hundreds or thousands in fact!

From backpack buckles, to car parts, and handheld gadgets, you can somehow say that today’s consumer-driven society wouldn’t be the same without plastic injection molding. Don’t you agree?

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