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Talking About Backpack and Buckles

A backpack is probably one of the most essential pieces of equipment that we use in our day to day lives. It has a lot of application and uses.

First of all, a backpack should be comfortable to wear and must fit our body. It should made of durable, strong, and lightweight materials manufactured by a world-class molding company and enough to hold all of the things we need to bring. Since weather nowadays is very unpredictable, it would be very helpful if it is waterproof or water resistant.

There are lots of backpacks available in the market today but not all of them are perfect for your body type.

Comfort is the key

Make sure that the shoulder straps do not cut into the shoulders.

Check the waist belt. It should be heavily padded and wide so that the weight will fall on your hips. The shoulder straps are just there to keep the bag from falling away from you.

Check the sternum strap. Make sure it is higher than your sternum and should not choke you. Its role is to keep the shoulder straps close to you and keep it from slipping away from your shoulders.

Any segment from the bag should not be hitting your legs, hitting your head, nor digging your back while you are walking.

As much as possible, choose a bag that has a mesh in the external frame because it helps keep you comfortable and cool. It actually allows air to flow between you and the bag while you are wearing it.

It should be a perfect fit for your body.

It must feel comfortable in your back as you wear it.

The tighten buckle should be strategically located a few inches under the arm pit, and should be preferably made of duraflex material.

Shoulder pads should come comfortably over your shoulders.

Waist belt should go around your waist completely. It would be best if belt buckle is made by top custom belt buckle manufacturers.

It must be able to hold all of your stuff.

Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes. Kids, men, and women should not buy a backpack that they are going to grow into because this will only make their trips uncomfortable in the long run. Comfort is the key and should be the main priority.


Just a word of advice for men though. Yes, you may be strong hikers but do not overdo and carry too much weight.

In case you are still not familiar, backpacks have various volumes sizes that are mostly measured in cubic inches.

Check its durability and strength

Check the seams. It must be double stitched because it makes the bag last a very long time. Do not miss the webbing and backpack buckles too!

Check the material that it’s made of. It should be made of parachute fabric, rip-stop nylon, or tough nylon.

Some bag frames are made of plastic or aluminum. Check for the welding and make sure there are no cracks.

It should be waterproof or water resistant.

Leaks can happen in the zipper area so make sure it is waterproof.

Want to know the difference between waterproof and water resistant? Waterproof material keeps water out of the bag no matter how strong the rain gets while water resistant material only keeps the water out of the bag for up to a certain point. Once it reaches saturation point, water will start leaking through.

It should be as light as a feather if possible.

Remember that your backpack should not be the heaviest thing that you own. It must be light as possible, preferably less than 5 pounds or lighter than that.

Now that you know what characteristics you should look for in a handy and dandy backpack, can you imagine a life without it? Thanks to its nylon materials and injection molded plastic buckles, it is one of the most durable equipment we can own in a lifetime!

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