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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Just Any Type of Buckles

At first, plastic as a raw material may not seem trustworthy but you are in for a big surprise. As a manufacturing company, we actually use plastic to make our products.

Yes, we use plastic! But we do not just use any type. To manufacture top-of-the-line products, we use Duraflex.

At this moment, you might be wondering why you shouldn’t just buy any buckle out there in the market. We will tell you why.

1. Not all buckles are dependable.

When looking for products with buckles on it, you should make sure that the buckles are sturdy, can stand a strong amount of pressure and can stand the tests of time. Our Duraflex military buckles, or other buckle variants, come with a very dependable fastening action which does not loosen up easily, unless you make it.

We have engineered our products to be aesthetically pleasing yet functional at the same time.

2. Not all buckles are reliable.

Are you willing to put your pet dog’s safety in the hands on any dog collar hardware buckles? Probably not.

Our buckles are so reliable that even if a lot of weight is pressed on it, it wouldn’t loosen unless you allow it to. In fact, our products have high-caliber that it is even used in the military or police sector.

3. Not all buckles are made by companies with a proven track record.

We have been in the injection molding industry for more than three decades and we have been serving many industries with our high-quality Duraflex buckles. We have manufactured backpack buckles, military products, belts, pet products, outdoor gear and so much more.

Manufacturing top-notch products is not a walk in the park. Countless lives depend on the quality of our finished products. That’s why we take our job seriously. So we rely on the product development process that has been perfected during our many years of experience.

We don’t just make buckles. We improve it one at a time!

All of our products are produced using BERRY compliant plastic components and are perfect for any application needed. They undergo a rigorous process, from start to finish. Each product is inspected to ensure that they pass all the compliance, quality assurance and quality control requirements.

Whether you are looking for custom buckles for your outdoor gear, buckles to secure your backpack, dog collar buckles to keep your dog safe everytime you go out for a walk or custom buckles from belt buckle manufacturers USA to complete your outfit, you can trust us to deliver the service and product you expect from us!

Want to know more about our cord locks, tension locks, plastic loops, snap hooks, strap adjusters, tri-glides, dog collar hardware buckles or other similar products? Feel free to get in touch with. We are more than willing to assist you in finding the solutions to your needs.

You would not want to put your safety or the safety of your family, friends or pets from products that will give in at any second, would you?

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