National Molding

Preeminent Leverage of Injection Molded Plastic

Majority of the products that we purchase and use today, especially the large ones, are manufactured using injection molding. This process calls for the application of molds into which melted plastic is poured upon and later on hardened. They can form into almost anything you can imagine. From shirt buttons to car parts, imagination is literally the one thing that can be the limit to the limit of injection molded plastic.

The process of injection molding, however, is not limited to the use of plastic. Other materials like thermoplastics, metal, or even glass can be used. In our case, we’ll be looking at the first one and determine how it ranges over the others when it comes to reusability and cost.

We already know that plastic is a low cost substitute to costlier materials like glass and metal. It is highly durable and doesn’t rust.

Thermoplastic allows a molding company to manufacture complicated shapes at a much cheaper cost compare to other raw materials. It is bendable, so it can take the shape of almost any mold as it begins to harden. To prevent it from becoming brittle when exposed to extreme temperatures, additives are included in the mixture. It can even be reheated to change its form and take a new shape.

Now imagine this. Plastic products need to be made by hand. If we still manufacture plastic just like the way we used to be, chances are, final products may be structurally weak or deformed and wouldn’t last long. With injection molding, plastic buckle manufacturers can create products with high precision and sound structure. To make you appreciate this process more, here are some of its advantages.

If you are looking for a manufacturer that specializes in production of duraflex stealth buckle, National Moulding is the best place to go. For more details about our history and wide range of products, you can visit our website at

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