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Plastic Injection Molding: Process and Perks

If you have live your life just the way everybody else does, you may probably have to stop for a while and answer this question. “Are you not surrounded by stuff made of plastic?”

We bet your answer would be yes. After all, it’s hard to look at one corner in your room and see no single product made of plastic at all! Just take a look at your cellphone, your bicycle, your shoes, you bag, your keychain, your appliances, your decorations, or even your cabinets. It is all made of plastic!

The ease in modern life can be attributed to advancement in technology, which has effects to the manufacturing of plastic by plastic moulding company all throughout these years.

Are you wondering how plastic belt buckle or your favorite toys are manufactured? Here’s how it’s done.

Plastic Injection Molding: The Process

The entire process isn’t a very complicated one. It all starts with plastic pellets composed of a special formula of polymers and additives or duraflex material being melted. Once all pellets are placed in the hopper, it is ready for the next step.

The pellets are released by a giant rotating screw into threads and slowly melted by 400 degrees Fahrenheit of heat along the way, through force and friction.

When the pellets have liquefied, the screw continues to rotate until the molten plastic reaches a valve. Using high pressure, the valve injects the plastic into custom molds that are heat resistant. The valve continues to do this until each cavity or mold has been filled. This process is called injection molding.

The pressure is kept until the molten plastic hardens. The cooling stage may take a few minutes because the molds take the heat from the molten plastic and cooled with the help of coolant encircled all around it. While the molded plastic is cooling, the screw returns to its previous position, and repeats the entire process.

Once the product is hard, it is ejected from the molds and is ready for sub assembly, decoration, or shipment to plastic belt buckle suppliers.

Plastic Molding: The Perks

Plastic Molding: Other Perks

This process of plastic molding makes it possible for manufacturers to create custom pieces or products for their clients for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods. It can save you money and time because you can make high volume of identical products and minimize the need for many employees or manual labor. There is also no waste of raw materials because any left-over or unused plastic can be reused and undergo the same process all over again! Doesn’t it sound great?

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