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Plastic Injection Molding: Molding Ideas into Life

Much work is done behind every plastic goods your eyes would lay upon. From an idea, it needs to be shaped and brought to life and the most common process uses a plastic injection mold. Most of you may never have thought how plastic products are made or how wonderful and complex it is to produce plastic buckles. Almost all components of plastic are developed with the use of a mold, from the tiniest part that can hardly be seen by the naked eye to the bulkiest exterior parts of cars. Almost all industries rely with this type of process to manufacture their products.

Plastic injection molding is the process of transforming melted plastic into specific shapes. The molding machine has 3 major components:

Plastic molds are complicated or intricate and should be made for heavy-duty work since it will be exposed to extreme pressure. Most of the time, it is made out of carved steel or aluminum and is made up of components like the mold base, support plates, clamp plates, ejector pins or plates, sprue puller pins, guide pins, and the two identical molds with channels to where the melted plastic will flow through, as well as cooling and auxiliary heating components. The mold is considered as the most costly part of the plastic injection molding process, and the rates may range up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You may want to put that into mind when you think about those cheap strap buckles.

The process of injection molding started to gain prominence around the 1920s and was the primary technique used in making simple products like toothbrushes and combs. As technology progressed, its popularity kept on increasing and may have become a preferred method by your favorite plastic manufacturer. The advancement of science in this industry has made it possible for any idea to be shaped into reality.

Have you thought about how hollow plastic balls are made? Rotational method of molding makes use of a mold in which plastic is spun around at intensely high speed and rapidly cooled. Products like screwdrivers and scissors are manufactured through insert method of molding. The metal portion is suspended while the melted plastic is allowed to flow around it. How about plastic food buckets or plastic jars? It is manufactured though blow molding.

Belt buckle manufacturers USA also prefer raw materials of extremely good quality to manufacture products. Not just any type of plastic will do. The best should be the only choice!

One of the best raw material available is duraflex material and this is perhaps the best type of plastic to make sturdy and reliable buckles that can be used in life jackets, back packs, shoes, and a whole lot more!

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