National Molding

Plastic Injection Molding: From Formation to Fruition

Look around your house. What do you see? I bet there are lots and lots of stuff in your house that’s made out of plastic.

We frequently use plastic in our daily lives that we tend to forget how it is manufactured into stuff that we can touch and see. Did the process of manufacturing various plastic process ever crossed your mind? If yes, you’ve landed at the right site at the right place and the right time.

If you’re wondering how plastic car parts, toys, buckles, or other products are made, we are going to take a look at the wonderful procedure of plastic injection molding.

Fantastic Plastic: The Formation of Something Awesome

Everything starts with an idea. A thought of creating a new line of awesome toy products came into mind. First, a design has to be made, a resin will be selected, and then a manufacturing or molding company will be contacted.

Each process may be done with different companies, which is a lot of hassle since it creates a setback in communication between various suppliers, but here in National Molding, the process is made easier. We are going to take your idea from formation to fruition using our Hetero-Cavity® System.

What is the Hetero-Cavity® System? It is our solution for your cost-effective molding needs. Not only does it reduce the tooling expenses & lead time, it also lowers the unit pricing, production is scalable, order lead times are shorter, wide variety of materials are made available, and advance tool design is available for parts that require high precision.

After a design and mold has been made, a special resin is chosen from our line of engineering standard resins. Then off to the machine it goes!

Fantastic Plastic: The Fruition of an Idea

The terminologies mentioned may have left you a bit puzzled but here is how we can make you understand the entire process easily. Just think of home-made gelatin desserts. Yes, a molding company’s process of manufacturing plastic or resin is very similar to making a gelatin dessert at home.

First, mom gets an idea of surprising the kids for wonderful snacks after school. Thoughts of making strawberry gelatin surprise came into her mind. She then takes out her strawberry-shaped dessert mold, mixes the strawberry-flavored gelatin with water and heated, pours the mixture unto the mold, leaves it to cool, then pops it out of the mold.

In our case, the resin is the flavored-gelatin while the strawberry-shaped dessert mold is the Hetero-Cavity® System. Instead of pouring, the resin is injected into the molding, thus the name plastic injection molding.

After the resin has cooled, it is ejected from the mold and viola! Your idea has finally come to life! Don’t you just love how a molding company can make your idea into reality?

The great thing about Hetero-Cavity System is if your idea would easily fit into the palm of your hand and it would weigh 28 grams or less, we can easily mold your ideas! Now that’s plastic injection molding at one of its very best!

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