National Molding

Plastic Injection Molding All throughout the Years

Just like everything else, it all started with an idea. A challenge was made; replace ivory billiard balls into something else. An inventor from Illinois took the challenge. Together with the inventor’s brother, they combined alcohol, camphor, and nitrocellulose then pressed it into a mold of circular steel. After the heated mixture was cooled, the first plastic billiard ball was finally made!

Such a cool story isn’t it? If it weren’t for John Wesley Hyatt and his brother Isaiah, we’d probably still be playing billiards out of ivory billiard balls. He is considered to be the inventor of plastic injection molding and life as we know it changed for the better! Almost everything we use nowadays is made up of plastic and it helped make our lives easier.

In The Days of Yore

The process of plastic molding all started from the curious minds of chemists in Europe and United States. Everything was done by hand. The heated raw material was pressed into molds using Parkesine but the end results showed products that are too brittle for use and flammable.

John Wesley and Isaiah Hyatt improved the process by accepting the challenge of the New York Billiards Company. They were already manufacturing plastic mixtures for making checkers and other products. Later on, they developed a new patent of making rubber dentures using celluloid in 1870. You can almost say that he is quite an innovator, for he has also invented the roller bearing and sewing machine which advanced the manufacturing industry.

Today, products of injection molding can be found virtually everywhere; from your toys, kitchen utensils, lunch box, appliances, dog collar buckles, and a whole lot more. In fact, cellulosic and celluloid plastics are responsible for bringing in the fun to your living room; through your favorite Hollywood films. Leo Hendrick Baekeland invented Velox, a photographic paper that uses gaslight instead of sunlight to develop pictures.

But how did plastic manufacturing come into the production line and created various products with massive numbers and lesser time? We got Eckert and Ziegler to thank for that. They created the plastic molding machine in Germany and that led to a molding company into manufacturing your personal favorite plastic item.

Plastic Molding Today

Manufacturing plastic is as easy as ever and here in National Molding, we continue the legacy that was left by the previous innovators of plastic. We are one of the leading manufacturers of custom buckles which can fit any lifestyle. To make them, we don’t just use any type of raw material or resin. We only use our best, the National Molding Duraflex!

How are our plastic buckles manufactured on our factory? Duraflex is melted iside the plastic injection molding machine. Molten raw material is then injected into specially-designed molds, cooled, then ejected from the machine. Then viola! That’s how the quick release buckles on your back pack, life jacket, or dog collars are made.

What the Future Holds

The possibilities in National Molding are endless. Even the advent of 3D printing will make things more interesting. Innovation on replacing petroleum-based raw materials into cornstarch is already being worked on. Even plastic molds are improved to make cycle and cooling times a lot faster.

With all the creative minds working on the advancement of plastic injection molding, the future is indeed exciting!

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