National Molding

Much Ado About Custom Buckles

Buckles. It has been keeping things together ever since Romans used body armor or probably way earlier than that!

On how the word buckle came to be, we’d have to thank our cheeks for that because it has been associated with the Latin word buccula which means cheek strap.

The early types of buckles were made out of expensive bronze that served purposes that are practical, as well as ornamental or decorative. It was out of reach to the general public until manufacturing processes made it possible to produce cheaper molded versions. A new dawn has risen and it gave way for custom buckles. Make way for plastic belt buckles, strap buckles, or perhaps quick release buckles!

Components of Custom Buckles

A basic buckle will always contain a frame, prong, bar, and chape. You can easily identify the parts whenever you look at strap buckles which you may known as plastic buckles for backpacks or backpack buckles.

The frame is the most prominent part of the buckle and is the very first thing we notice when we look at one. That’s why decorations are mostly integrated on it. It holds all the components of a plastic belt buckle together.

Romans mostly used D-shaped frame but nowadays, it comes in various sizes and shapes like circle, oval, rectangle, or perhaps a square.

The prong is considered as the tongue of the buckle. It fits through the frame to enable a secure buckle. A prong may have a thicker appearance in plastic buckles because it is designed in such a way that it will be quick release buckles.

The bar is the thing that connects the prong and the chape to the frame.

The chape is the part where the buckle is attached to an object like a belt. Its fastening and adjustable properties make for easy removal of the entire buckle.

Custom Buckles in Everyday Life

Just take a look around at your house and you’ll probably see a buckle in less than five minutes, most of which probably are plastic buckles.

If it’s time to take your dog for an afternoon walk or jog in the park, you’d probably fit it with a collar. To make sure that you will always stay in close distance to your beloved best friend, the leash is secured most of the time with dog collar buckles.

Not only are dog collar buckles handy, it helps keep your dog safe. It’s also easy to detach too!

Okay, now that you decided to go for a jog with your dog, you’d probably be bringing little stuff with you. Where will you put all your stuff? Perhaps a small and lightweight backpack would do just fine, right?

Backpacks are made secure in various ways. Some use magnets, ties, or zippers but probably the easiest way to snap it close is through backpack buckles.

Just fit it in and snap. It’s as easy as that!

Maybe you find a backpack too bulky when taking an afternoon jog in the park. Then you’d probably enjoy the idea of having a small bag tied to your waist. Why don’t you make use of plastic belt buckles?

Just like dog collar buckles, plastic belt buckles are considered fast and convenient. It may be classified as quick release buckles too.

Now that you’re aware that some of our daily routines include backpack buckles, there’s no denying that although we see plastic buckles almost every day of our lives, we just can’t afford to waste our time for a low quality plastic belt buckle when it gets broken.

I mean, who has time for that, right?

This is where National Molding comes in. They are quality makers and providers of duraflex buckles and a whole lot more!

So next time you’re looking for dog collar buckles for your pets, a single plastic belt buckle, or many strap buckles to organize your bag or house, we got it all here!  We’re an awesome stop for all things custom buckles!

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