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The Manufacturing Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding

Since the time of its inception, plastic injection molding has revolutionized the way plastic is being manufactured. From the comb you use in styling your hair, kitchen utensils you use to cook food, container you use to store food or water and the toys you collect, all of them may probably be manufactured using plastic molding.

How this manufacturing process is made possible? It can be summarized in three words; materials, mold and machine. It all starts from an idea. Once a client presents their idea of a product, they will collaborate with a molding company to make things possible.

Based on what kind of product is intended to be manufactured, a choice of materials, plastic pellets to be exact, would be selected. After the materials are ready, the plastic injection mold would be created. Most of the time, multiple molds are made, instead of just one or a few pairs, to hasten the manufacturing process. After the materials and molds are done, they would all be fed to the machine to undergo the revolutionary process.

The process that we know today have been in use since the 1930s. They have perfected a way of mass producing products made of plastic, products of which we frequently use daily. Have you wondered how the backpack buckles strategically placed in your favorite bag are made? We’ll tell you.

Plastic molding starts with an idea. When a client wants something to be manufactured, they will work with plastic manufacturing companies to transform their idea into a reality. After choosing the perfect raw materials and creating multiple molds of a single product, the manufacturing proper can finally commence.

The plastic pellets would be fed into the machine. They will undergo intense heat and pressure. This will transform solid plastic pellets to a liquefied form. Once the raw materials have fully melted, they will be injected into the plastic molds, allowed to cool then ejected from the machines.

The beauty of this process is the fact that the entire process can be done in just a few minutes to a few hours. This process can create very durable and precise products too. Did you know that hospital machines, automobile parts and space satellite components have benefited from this process? Before, the process gives off numerous excess material which goes to waste. Nowadays, the leftovers are remitted and reused thus, less raw materials are wasted.

Quick release buckles are just some of the great things we get from plastic molding. High quality buckles are made using high quality raw materials and high quality molds. This ensures that you get nothing but the best of the best there is!

So whatever product you have in mind, may it be small, large, simple or complicated, we can create it for you. We have been in the manufacturing business since 1965 and we are very proud of our long and impressive history. Do you have any questions or clarifications? Contact us today. We are here to listen and attend to your needs.

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