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How Your Favorite Plastic Buckles Are Made

It may be found on your handy backpack you bring to school. It may be found on your life jacket while you cross the waves of the sea with a kayak. It may keep you close with your dog as you walk with it on the park. Can you now imagine a day without the plastic buckles found on those items of everyday living?

The items we have mentioned may seem simple and unimportant to you but much thought and effort were given to manufacture it. A plastic manufacturer uses a special process to make all these things. It is called plastic molding. As to how things are made through this process, let us explain how it is wonderfully done.

From Raw Materials to Plastic Buckles

To manufacture dog collar buckles or any other plastic product, it is important to choose the right raw materials for the preferred end product. Here at National Molding, we only want one of the best available resin in the market today; the heavy duty Duraflex Material.

The raw material Duraflex would have to undergo a wonderful process called plastic injection molding in order to manufacture various products made of plastic.

How Plastic Injection Molding Is Done

Raw materials like National Molding Duraflex, nylon, polypropylene, polystyrene, or polythene are first heated. Once it takes liquid form, it is forced unto a screw chamber that forces it into a specially-made mold through injection. Once the molten plastic has been placed unto the mold, it is cooled then ejected from the machine. And that’s how your (plastic belt buckles), toys, kitchen utensils, or car parts are manufactured.

Plastic Molding Techniques

Different products call for different techniques; some products have to be made by rotational molding while others may be made through compression molding, blow molding, or injection molding. Each technique has its own set of advantages.

Thank You History!

If it weren’t for the curiosity of inventors, a plastic belt buckle would never be found today. It is said that modern plastic molding started at around 1940 and 1950 in USA but the process only created small batches of products. As the 1960s came near, the rotational molding process was improved and used in creating car armrests, marine buoys, and even road cones. This process was improved in Europe.

Advancement in plastic injection molding would experience steady rise. It paved way for the creation of everyday items like buttons and combs; even reaching outer space through aerospace technology, cure of diseases through the medical industry, and providing entertainment in consumer products. A lot has been made ever since John Wesley Hyatt thought of a way to replace ivory in manufacturing billiard balls through injection molding in 1868.

Where Is Plastic Injection Molding Headed To?

Who knows where the future of this industry is headed to? One thing is definitely sure; advancement leads to development of technologies that help make our lives easier and more interesting. Just imagine at how far our humble plastic buckles will reach! Can you envision it now?

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