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How to Pick The Perfect Dog Collar Buckles?

If you’ll go hunting for a dog collar right now, you’ll be presented with so many options, from conventional ones down to bizarre or weird ones. Due to the numerous available options, functions also vary. It is our responsibility as pet owners to familiarize ourselves with the various kinds of dog collar buckles.

If you are planning to join a pet show, dog contest, or special gathering, you would want to stand out from the crowd. There is nothing that a fancy leash and collar can’t do for you. If your dog is quite large, a prong collar would do, especially the one made with a leather band.

Dog Collar Types

Plastic buckles are components of a good dog collar. Most are made out of nylon or leather that is rolled or made flat. It can be adjusted to perfectly fit your dog’s neck once it is attached and secured. Collars made of nylon may be irritating to some dogs so an option for you is to pick the one with a rolled leather strap to avoid hair breakage and chaffing.

Fancy collars make your pet stand out from the rest of the canine crowd! Have you seen those collars with spikes that stick out of it? It makes your dog look like a canine rock star! This is advisable for older dogs though. Younger ones might get injured with this type of collar. The collar serves another purpose; as protection from aggressive or aggressive dogs. Most of the spikes in these collars are made through plastic injection molding.

If your dog tends to choke on a certain leash, you better take the quick-release type. This type of collar breaks away at the moment when it is strongly pulled. This is a safety feature that will prevent your dog from choking once it gets caught in a tree or fence but once the buckle is attached to the leash, it will not unclip.

Head collars may not be the usual collars used in the city but in areas where hounds are used for transport, it’s a common thing to see. Although there’s no scientific finding to prove that wolves have specific ranks or hierarchy, the only disadvantage for this type of collar is if it runs deep in the snout of the dog, it may cause an injury.

Bark control collar does the trick for your noisy canine friend. It uses sound vibrations to detect barking.

Slip collars on the other hand merits your dog’s attention once it pops and releases. They don’t operate because of the choke action but rather through sound detection, through tugging by the lead.

Basics of Dog Collars

There are lots of dog collars out there so make sure you stand out! Customized or personalize it! Make sure to put your dog’s name and your contact details just in case your dog will get lost. The details will come in handy once the finder would want to reach you. Plastic molding makes all customization very easy.

The dog tag will also help calm your dog in stressful situations; being exposed to strangers or visiting a new place. People calling it by its name will help call the pet down.

The perfect fit is everything. If it’s too tight, your pet will choke! Too loose, he will get away from it as soon as possible. This is how to figure out the proper fit; insert 2 fingers on the collar to serve as space from the neck and make sure it will not slip over the ears. That’s it! Simple but it does wonders!

Whether you prefer metal clasps, nylon belts or those made by belt buckle manufacturers USA, there is surely a perfect dog collar for your furry best friend!

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