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How to Choose the Appropriate Resin for Your Plastic Injection Molding Project

Once our client has decided to take on a specific project, we need to figure out what type of resin we should use before we even begin. Plastic resin is the foundation of any plastic commodity. It is the most vital component of the finished product because it affects the overall cost of production, time of production, usage of the commodity and its life cycle.

Choosing the most appropriate resin is actually part of the earliest stages of product development and this is something that we take very seriously. So, what are the properties of a resin that we should bear in mind before starting our plastic injection molding project? Take note of the following:

  1. Cost. This is determined by analyzing the current market situation in which the resin is present, the economy of our country and the affinity we have with our client. Ending up with a justifiable cost is very important in determining the final cost of the product.
  2. Product Prerequisite. Aside from the cost, it is also imperative to determine what is required for the finished product. These are just some of the considerations that we will establish in producing plastic buckles and other products: product purpose, product life cycle, artistic taste, financial value and the industry or market it will exist.
  3. Artful Conception. While designing the product, the type of resin that will be used is already considered because it will determine how it will be shaped and how it will look at the end of the manufacturing process. Different resins produce different results.
  4. Product Efficiency. Every finished product is geared towards fulfilling a specific intention. As mentioned earlier, different resins can produce different results so we will weigh the product prerequisite and artful conception against the features of our tried and tested raw materials. Whether you need your finished product to be good for single use or you need it to last for a very long time, we, the molding company, will figure out which resin will fit your specification of product performance.
  5. Manufacturing Factors. Some projects, like manufacturing a plastic belt buckle, require a single type of plastic raw materials while others require two or more. When two or more is required, the process of overmolding will be used. When this type of manufacturing process is needed, a strong comprehension of melting resin temperatures must be utilized to ensure a powerful chemical connection between the raw materials. Most of the time, secondary operations are needed after the components are molded. Knowing about machining and finishing and how it will affect the final product is essential. Above all, proper knowledge and application of the properties of the resin are crucial in meeting the objectives of the client and their product.
  6. Availability of Raw Materials. The supply and demand for plastic commodities can also affect the project. The needs of the client, our manufacturing expertise and production prerequisite will be taken into consideration. After taking into account these things, we will present a primary option for the type of resin to be used, as well as secondary and tertiary backups, if needed.

Deliberating all of these factors are very important in providing the best service and output to our clients. The considerations that we and our client will decide upon will determine the outcome of the project, so careful analysis and choices are placed upon each stage. We’ve been in this industry since 1965 and we are very confident that we can provide you with the best products that buckles for belts suppliers can offer!

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