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How Plastics Changed Our Daily Lives

Modern society would be far from how we see it without plastics. Just take a look at your house. I bet you can name 10 things made out of plastic in just 10 seconds!

Plastics are now an important part of the society. Almost every industry takes advantage of its practicality and efficiency. In fact, it is a preferred raw material by plastic manufacturers when manufacturing various products.


Because it is cost-efficient, dispensable, and hygienic.

Aside from those 3 reasons, a lot of manufacturers and people prefer it because it helps make our daily lives a lot easier. You want proof?

Take out all the stuff in your house that’s made of plastic and probably your space will end up with virtually nothing. Almost everything we use is made up of it.


Plastics are Cost-Efficient

Basically, plastics are lightweight, inexpensive and high in quality. Before, buckles are made of metal and are heavier compared to the quick release buckles we use today. Weight really matters a lot in any industry because of storage and shipping issues. It is far easier and lighter to ship plastic buckles than metal buckles, making it more ideal for manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers alike.

We’ve got plastic injection molding to thank for the affordability of plastics. This type of manufacturing is needed when large quantities of products of high quality are requested.

Although plastics are considered cheaper, we cannot deny the quality it can offer. Aside from the fact that it is easier to store and ship, manufacturing plastics allow for more flexibility and creativity of the part of plastic manufacturers. Since it is highly malleable, plastics are very easy to customize so practically, any design brought to mind can be manufactured in no time at all!


Plastics are Dispensable

Since it is way cheaper to manufacture plastic, you can dispose the product if it has served it time already and you don’t have to worry about getting new ones too.

Take for example plastic spoons and forks. If you will account the cost of damaged or lost utensils, values are probably going to stack up but if you will be using the plastic type, it would the most economical option. Aside from that, you don’t have to wash it with soap and water again and again because it is disposable. Same economics may be applied to quick release buckles too.


Plastics are Hygienic

Another reason why plastics are preferred over metal is due to is hygienic qualities. It helps prevent the spread of diseases due to improperly cleaned metal cutlery.

When using plastic cutlery, especially those sealed in individual wrappers, workers don’t need to guess if it is clean or not, minimizing the waste of time and compromising sanitation. After use, cutlery may be disposed immediately. How convenient is that?

Now that you know the advantages of using plastics, can you imagine a day in your life without using it more than once? Is it even possible to run your day without it?

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