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Don’t Sweat It! Plastic Injection Molding Is Here!

If ever an appliance or equipment in your house does not work anymore, you can have it fixed by changing it completely of having a replacement part. For custom-made machines, a custom-made replacement part would be needed as well. As easy as it sounds, this process might take you quite a while. It all depends on how complicated or simple the material is made. But if you already have that part made through plastic injection molding, you don’t have to sweat it out. All you need to do is make an order for the material that you need and wait for it to arrive! Simple, isn’t it?

When Alexander Parkes made the very first synthetic plastic back in 1855, the world was in for a big surprise. He had revolutionized the manufacturing industry. It had simplified the way plastic manufacturers made products. It is a speedy way to have needed parts in a faster way, all in a rate that is reasonable and affordable.

Well, you could say that it is fast and easy, as well as inexpensive. You can get the materials you need in a timely fashion. Not to mention, plastic is very durable and very easy to use! It is no wonder that it is now a preferred manufacturing process, and plays a major role in providing solutions to the needs of a lot of manufacturers.

Take for instance strap buckles. You can find it in your back pack bag, dog collar, life jacket, shoes, and etc. If you’re buckle will get broken or get lost, it is fairly easy to find a replacement part or get something totally new because it is fairly cheap! Thanks to the numerous supplies those quick release buckle suppliers manufacture. More supplies and less demand mean cheaper commodities. That’s why you wouldn’t fret over broken dog collar buckles!

How the Magic Is Made

The entire process itself is very simple, that you don’t have to sweat it at all. Granules of resin are placed into the hopper of an injection molding machine. The flow of the resin granules are maintained on a steady and even flow by a reciprocating screw. The granules are exposed to high heat to make it melt. The molten plastic resin is transferred to the mold cavity by a nozzle. From it, the melted plastic will reach the plastic mold. Pressure is applied by the moveable plates, helping the plastic harden. Although the process is simplistic in nature, you cannot deny that the process is effective.

The kind of resin that a manufacturer uses also determines the durability of the products. If duraflex buckles wasn’t made of handy duraflex, chances are, it will be broken easily.

The extensive use of plastic molding can be attributed to its ease of use. Plastic is quite cheap and it can be shaped and wielded into anything you could possibly imagine. So if you are using plastic parts for your daily life, it wouldn’t hurt to keep extra parts of quick release buckles handy!

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