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Does Your Dog Have The Right Kind of Dog Collar?

In a nutshell, dog collars should have the right fit and must be comfortable because our pets deserve it. They give us all the unconditional love they could give. We can somehow return the favor in one way and that’s by choosing the right kind of dog collar for them.

There are many varieties of dog collars available. A plastic moulding company would usually make the buckle-type, which is similar to the belt buckles we use. Another type is the quick release.

Always remember that the first thing that you should look for is the safety and convenience aspect of the dog collar. Style would come in second.

Why Dog Collars Are Important

If by any chance your dog will get lost, the collar or pet ID tag would increase the chance of its return. Aside from that, a properly fitted one can be used to control your pet, place medical information, or let its personality show through fashion. We have the custom belt buckle manufacturers to thank for that.

There is an alternative to collars though. Dog harness can be great for smaller breeds or when traveling in a car. You may want to show your pet’s name but it’s optional. People with no good intentions might take advantage with your dog by calling its name. The most important thing you should place there is your address and contact number on the custom buckles.

Dog collars shouldn’t be so tight because it may restrict their breathing or cause them to cough and you should check its tightness frequently on growing puppies and adjust if needed. How will we know if the tightness is just right? You should be able to fit in two of your fingers in between the collar and your pet’s body.

To properly measure the length, use a non-metal tape and slip it in your dog’s neck then add 2 or 3 inches. Make sure that the length is just right because if it’s too loose, your pet might slip out of it in a very dangerous environment, get caught on a fence or tree, or accidentally hang somewhere.

Another option for you is to choose the break-away collars. Its safety mechanism allows your dog to breakaway if a very strong force is applied unto it. These types of collars come in handy when your dog needs to break free when collar is caught unto something.

Another thing to keep in mind is to never let your dog wear a collar when it is inside its crate.

When you’re still training your dog to obey your commands, you may use a choke collar. It is also called a training slip collar, choke chain or slip chain. The ring that connects to the leash goes at the back of your pet’s neck. When the leash is connected to the live ring, the chain will get tight when it is pulled and gets loose when there’s a release in tension. When it is connected to the dead ring, it will not constrict. Never leave this collar when your pet is unattended and should be removed after training.

If your pet is a sight hound, the martingale dog collar would be perfect because they tend to slip off the regular types. It is similar to the prong type because it applies even pressure on the neck and is a favorite choice among animal shelters and kennels alike.

The prong collar, sometimes called the pinch collar is a sequence of rounded open-end chain which is turned toward your pet’s body. The overall design of this collar makes it possible for dogs to free themselves so a second collar, flat dog collar buckles, is advisable for use.

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