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What Can We Gain From Using Injection Molding?

Nowadays, we have numerous options for manufacturing a wide range of products and injection molding is considered to be as one of the best options available. The process entails heating plastic until it is liquefied then injecting it into customized molds. Why do manufacturers prefer to use customized molds? It gives them full control on how the finished products, like custom buckles , would look like at the end of the process.

You might also be wondering why numerous manufacturers prefer plastic molding. Here are the major reasons why.


This process allows virtually any product to be made using exact specifications. This is very important to the medical, aerospace, automotive or oil industry because almost all of the equipment they need has to be precise. Even minor errors could cost many lives or create a disaster.

Aside from the fact that you can make specific parts with minute details, you can also customize the type of raw materials for the finished products. You can add various fillers in the raw materials to decrease the density of the plastic and make products like plastic bucklesmore durable and strong.

Highly Economical

The entire manufacturing process of injection molding is quite speedy and very efficient. In fact, one cycle could be completed in less than one minute. Isn’t that amazing? Since the process is automated, there is minimal need for human staff and supervision, therefore cutting down on overall production and operation costs.

Occurrence of Least Possible Errors

With process automation, occurrence of errors is kept on a minimum or nothing at all. The production can be made in a precise manner too. In fact, accuracy level can be contained within 0.005 inches! Isn’t that fantastic? The production accuracy can ensure that each and every finished product is made high quality.

Reusable Resource

Plastic molding is capable of producing minimal or no waste during its entire production cycle. The exact amount of raw material that a mold can hold can be calculated beforehand so if there is excess, it can be reused to make the same product or reused on another project.

Competitive Pricing

In the long run, plastic molding is economical compared to the other manufacturing alternatives. Although the upfront cost of mold cavity creation can be quite pricey, minimal costs can be incurred in the other aspects of production.

Design Challenges

Although plastic molding is generally a flexible manufacturing process, it still has its own set of cons. It is only applicable for products that can be made using a customized mold. It is also advisable for one piece commodities. Different raw materials and construction ideas have a different impact on the thickness of the finished product.

Isn’t plastic injection molding just marvelous?

Do you have questions? Do you want to know more about plastic molding and how we make our client-favorite plastic belt buckles ? Feel free to visit our website or give us a call today. We would love to show all the available options for your upcoming projects.

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