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Belt Buckles: Its Types and How To Choose The Appropriate One

Belt buckles are a reliable way of keeping your trousers from falling down; that was the main use of it. Not until the arrival of the modern world, the reputation of belt buckles would stay the same.

Nowadays, it is no longer just an interlocking tool that we close and adjust around our waist. It can showcase who we are, what we like and how people can perceive us. But no matter how you are going to utilize it, there are just some things that never change; the basics.

So here are the types of belt buckles and the different options they can present to you and your personality.

If you are a fan of heavily decorated buckles, this is the kind that you should go for!

To secure a reliable fit with this buckle, all you need to do is snap the two clasps together, making sure you hear a snapping or locking mechanism before letting go.

This type of buckles is usually found on woven belts and they are usually made of strong and durable plastic. They make use of the plate carrier quick release mechanism.

It comes with a metal ring and flaps with hinges called tangs. To secure a belt using this buckle, you have to put the belt through the ring and secure it through the tangs by pushing it into the holes found along it. Many dog collar buckles utilize this mechanism too!

Among all kinds of belts, tang buckles can provide the most secure fit so if you want to wear something and not worry about it unravelling any time of the day, this is the type you should go for.

How To Choose The Appropriate Plastic Buckles

Now that you are aware of the different types of belt buckles available, you may want to read through some tips so you won’t end up with the wrong one.

1. It should be appropriate for your body size.

If you are a petite person, do not wear buckles that are too large because it will overwhelm your entire outfit. If you are large in size, going for the average size, or a larger one will be appropriate.

2. It should be compatible with your belt.

The belt and buckle always come together so aside from making sure that the buckle size is appropriate for you, it should also fit perfectly well with your belt. You can check a sizing chart to make sure you determine the best belt size or you can ask the assistance of a belt salesman to help you find the best one or ask where to buy plastic buckles.

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