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6 Top Suggestions In Designing Injection Molded Plastic

The wonders of plastic injection molding can be seen in almost everything that we use every day. From toys, kitchen utensils, car parts, grooming tools, medical products and other household appliances, there will never be a shortage of list of products made with plastic. They are already deep-rooted in our daily lives because of the worth they have proven.

Most of the plastic products that were mentioned earlier were created through injection molded plastic which underwent thorough quality control. This ensures uniformity of products and high-quality components which people can enjoy.

Even though the process of plastic injection molding is reasonably priced, the process of creating a mold can be tricky. Even a small margin of error can have great ramifications.

So to keep you from making a mistake on your next custom buckles project, here are our suggestions in designing injection molded parts or components.

1. Create a mock-up and do it again.

Thanks to modern technology, it is easier to create prototypes of your project using 3D printing or CAD. Both of these processes create a fast, cheap and efficient way to test your project. Here at National Molding, we can assist you through this valuable step to help you save time and financial resources.

2. Take into account the consistency of each item.

A consistent thickness on the wall of your injection molded project establishes an excellent working flow throughout your production run. This will help you create a uniform product. Through consultation, we can help you decide the appropriate thickness of your product to optimize its quality.

3. Create a smooth passage for the liquefied raw materials.

Before you begin the manufacturing process, make sure that your mold allows liquifies plastic to flow from the broadest part to the narrowest one. If your product has a part where the thickness decreases, this part should be situated at the spot farthest from the injection site to guarantee uniformity and quality.

Keep in mind that in some instances, curves are better than sharp corners because sharp transitions may lead to disfigurement, distortion or untimely wear and tear. By using curves and carefully designed angles, you can ensure better and durable finished products. Your preferred plastic manufacturer can always help you with this.

4. Keep ‘sink’ at bay!

Sink is an occurrence wherein a plastic decreases its size while cooling and while setting, it doesn’t cool evenly. Whenever this happens, disfigurement will surely occur. By utilizing a wall that is thinner, the proper size of your product and practical elements like ramps and ribs, the possibility of ‘sink’ can be prevented or eliminated.

5. Take the time to comprehend your Design for Manufacturing.

Design for Manufacturing or DFM is a list of details from the manufacturer that informs of you of probable concerns that will arise from manufacturing your plastic side release buckles, like superficial or functional issues. The aim of DFM is to analyze, recognize and address these issues even before the production run begins.

6. Simplicity is always superior.

If you will implement a simple design for your product, the better your project will be. Always take note that what may seem beautiful on the CAD program or drawing may not work well in the real world. The key here is bringing practicality into our daily lives and making a good change in the lives of the people.

So whether your project entails making all types of belt buckles or other things, you do want to associate your name with a superior product, don’t you?

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