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5 Advantages Of Manufacturing Your Merchandise In The United States

There are lots of factors to consider when undertaking a manufacturing project. You have to take note of the manufacturer’s ability to create high quality finish products, provide reasonable savings, and deliver a quick turnaround. While these three factors are very important, we should also take into consideration the location of the manufacturing facility.

In an effort to get cheaper labor costs and production, numerous companies have moved overseas but the benefits of staying here in the United States is beginning to outweigh that notion. As a matter of fact, it is more beneficial to choose a US-based manufacturer for the long term and we will take up five of those benefits today.

Cheaper Delivery Costs

As we have mentioned earlier, many manufacturers outsource their labor and production abroad. Presently, we have to consider the cost of logistics involved in shipping commodities from the other side of the world and the truth is, the cost of logistics is aggressively increasing throughout the years.

Deciding to collaborate with a manufacturer based in the United States will substantially help you save on injection mold supplies, shipping and delivery costs. Domestic shipping can offer you a more affordable and wider range of transportation procedures and shipping options as compared to shipping commodities from abroad. With the fact that you’ll be collaborating with US-based delivery companies, you can remove the risk of miscommunication due to difference in currency or language barriers, establishing a smaller human error margin.

Faster Lead Time

When you decide to work together with a US-based manufacturer, you can save time in the overall production operation because the products will travel a lesser distance to reach their retailer or distributor, enabling the products the reach target customers more quickly and expediting the sales process on your behalf.

Having a faster lead time is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction. Nowadays, customers expect their orders for backpack buckles to arrive on time. Faster lead times will enable you to offer lower shipping costs to customers while meeting their delivery expectations.

To keep up with customer demands, several companies who have outsourced their manufacturing overseas maintain a large inventory in the United States, which may be risky and costly because of the following reasons; storage space cost, labor and maintenance cost, and the possibility that the products will become passé or expire before they sell.

Superior Safety Standards and Control of Quality Product

If you are closer to your manufacturer geographically, you can oversee the production process and ensure that your plastic side release buckles project is being manufactured within your standards and specifications. Should any complications arise, you will be informed about it faster and you will be able to make necessary corrections as soon as you can. Knowing that the materials and processes of the manufacturer conforms to a high standards of safety and quality will give you peace of mind too.

Having your goods manufactured in the United States will help safeguard your workers because in countries where the manufacturing process are frequently outsourced, the safety standards are not always at par with that of the United States and this may put your workers at higher risk for injury.

More Eco-Friendly

Aside from the fact that working with US manufacturers help save you money on delivery and shipping costs, it also helps you save on energy. Ocean shipping is actually one major contributor to the emission of greenhouse gases and by opting out on it, your carbon footprint will be much smaller. A lot of customers are now aware of the impact they make on the environment so a lot of them will also incorporate your environmental principles everytime they make an injection molded plastic purchase.

Manufacturing Companies Hire More U.S. Citizens and Pay More U.S. Taxes

By keeping your manufacturing operations within the shores of the United States, you can create more jobs for Americans, pay taxes that will your local community, and contribute to the overall economy of the country.

When you add these benefits, you will realize that the long-term effects of keeping your projects close to home outweighs from outsourcing it abroad.

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