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4 Top Benefits of Switching From Metal to Plastic Parts

No matter what type of hobbies you are in, getting your gear right is very important. Perhaps the most common discussion you would hear when it comes to manufacturing is choosing plastic over metal in some way or form. Both options come with their own set of pros and cons. The final decision would ultimately fall on whatever preference, requirements and criteria you are bound to consider.

Plastic parts are more economical over metal.

Present day polymers are very reliable and durable. If the injection molding cavity is exposed, they can be subject to lesser wear and tear. Due to its innate strength and durability, plastic parts may last for many years, giving you the benefit of bypassing frequent part replacements or repairs.

Another advantage of choosing plastic is the fact that it can be recycled. By the time your plastic parts need repair or replacement, they can be recycled or transformed into a new part or another product instead of being thrown in the garbage bin. This can help save you on expenses for procuring new materials and reduce the time it takes you to repair or procure new materials!

Plastic parts are easier to design and build.

Injection molders make this easy for you. Once the molds are made, minimal assembly is needed to commence the manufacturing process and finish the project on time.

Take for instance military buckles with multiple parts. Involved in its manufacturing is the procurement of raw materials. If metal is used, chances are, the finished product will be heavier, but not necessarily stronger compared to a polymer one. If the right kind of plastic raw material is used, the finished product will end up lighter and more durable. It takes lesser time to manufacture plastic buckles too!

Plastic parts are eco-friendly.

As we have mentioned earlier, plastic can be easily recycled. During the manufacturing process, excess raw materials are always produced. The excess plastic can be used to make the same product until the right amount of output has been manufactured or it can be transformed into another product entirely.

Plastic parts have longer lifespans.

We’ve got modern science to thank for this. Numerous plastic resins have been developed throughout the years and they are capable of serving any kind of need that a client or manufacturer would require. They are also engineered to last.

Take for instance a 1 inch buckle. In the past, they were made of metal. They were strong and shiny but are also prone to oxidation, so rust would accumulate if it is not well-maintained. If your buckle is made of a strong kind of plastic, you do not have to worry about oxidation. It is quite strong on its own and capable of withstanding a great amount of pressure.

Working with plastics is easy and you should talk to us if you want to learn how our plastic injection molding technology can benefit your upcoming manufacturing project or business plans. We will support you every step of the way and make sure that the finished product is the best possible output of our collaboration!

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