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3 Things To Look For In Backpack Buckles

Backpacks provide a comfortable way of carrying our things. Unlike shoulder bags or sling bags, backpacks have two straps that provide ample support to our shoulders and in some designs, there are also chest and lumbar straps to further stabilize the load you are carrying.

Aside from looking at the design, compartments, and pricing of a backpack, it is also important to check out for the quality of the buckles. Most backpack buckles are made of plastic. Although plastic hardware does not sound reliable, you might be surprised to know that is quite durable, especially if it is made from special raw materials.

To give you a rough guide on the qualities to check in backpack buckles, read on and find out!

Make sure it is sturdy and reliable.

This is perhaps the most important feature you should look out for. When choosing a backpack, the fastening function of the buckle must be sturdy and it should not easily loosen up.

We only use Duraflex for our quick release buckles. It is a product of many decades of research and product development, and offers a one of a kind aesthetics and functional properties. It is reliable enough to do the job it is intended to do and it can be loosened easily when needed; it will not loosen up except when you make it!

Make sure it can be utilized for many applications.

Our Duraflex buckles are so reliable that many industries have taken advantage of it; fashion, military, sports, entertainment, health care, aerospace, and more. So whether you need them to secure your backpack or dog collar, you can be assured that National Molding backpack buckles will deliver!

You would not want to settle for anything less, would you?

Proven Performance History

Manufacturing high quality backpack buckles is not an easy task. We are very particular with our buckles; they are a result of many decades of product development and we strive to enhance their quality.

Before quick release buckle suppliers release any buckle on the market, it will undergo a very thorough process. Each item is rigorously inspected in every stage of manufacturing, making sure that they will pass quality assurance and quality control.

We have a great range of belt buckles and they were made to offer a unique use or answer a specific need. Our Duraflex division is proud to manufacture plastic hardware that is BERRY compliant. Included in our product line are the following:

Duraflex Stealth buckle series
Mojave series
SJ line

Do you want to learn more about plastic buckles for backpacks or other plastic injection molding products? Feel free to connect with us.

If you have an upcoming project and you want to get a quote, we can be reached through email at [email protected], phone at (305)-364-7716 (Duraflex Division) or (305) 823-5440 (Corporate Headquaters), and fax at (305) 557-1431. We are looking forward to help you assess the appropriateness and durability of our finished products to adapt to your specific needs and requirements.

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