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3 Need to Know About Plastic Molding

Plastic molding is considered as one of the most widely-accepted process of mass production. You may wonder what takes part during the manufacturing process. First, raw materials are fed into the machine and heated. After the raw materials are melted, it is injected into the mold cavities then allowed to cool and harden before ejected from the machine, checked for quality and shipped to the clients.

The same process can be applied to various raw materials like glass, metal, confections, elastomer and plastic. It is possible to manufacture so many things using this manufacturing process. In fact, you are already using some of the products that it can manufacture; quick release buckles, water bottles, food containers, car parts, kitchen appliances, mobile gadgets, toiletries, safety gear, military equipment, toys and even sports gear.

How Plastic Injection Molding Came To Be

We have John Wesley to thank for the first patented molding machine in 1872. This paved the way for a mechanized process of manufacturing simple things like buttons or hair combs. Then James Watson made an improvement to what John Wesley has made. With the introduction of gas assistance in the manufacturing process, mass production in a faster pace was now made possible. Aside from that, the improvement made way for various products with intricate designs to be mass produced.

Manufacturing Accessories and Machinery

There are several equipment used in the production of duraflex stealth plastic buckles or your favorite plastic products. These are the frequently used ones.

The Pros of the Process

Injection molding comes with numerous perks.

Did you know that National Molding has been in the industry of plastic injection molding since 1965 and we are also considered as one of the very best custom belt buckle manufacturers in the country? Take advantage of our expertise by getting in touch with us today!

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