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3 Functions of Manufacturing Companies in the Plastic Injection Molding Process

You may or may not be familiar about plastic injection molding but you are very much familiar with its products. It is a manufacturing process which utilizes the most affordable raw material in the market today, plastic! Almost all the plastic you can see in your daily life is manufactured in this method. Because of this, numerous companies get involved with the business from start to finish, making sure that the final products are of good quality, excess plastic would be recycled, and the entire process goes smoothly.

The Application of Unprocessed Materials

To make custom buckles, various types of items and raw materials are utilized in the method of manufacturing plastic. Thermosetting plastic, thermoplastic polymers, and elastomers are just some of the raw materials commonly used for this process because of their high viscosity. Manufacturers have to be well-informed about the different types of raw materials so they can carry out the process very well.

The Machinery Utilized for Plastic Injection

There are various kinds of machinery used by a molding company. The basic parts of the machine consist of the molds, hopper, plunger, and heating unit. These parts will be utilized to increase the pressure inside the molds, keep them in place, and allow the heated raw materials take its shape.

The Method of Plastic Molding

The molding of automotive parts and liquefying of plastic are the two most essential processes in plastic molding. Inside the machines, raw materials will be liquefied using extreme temperature and pressure. The melted polymer will be transferred to another chamber with a hole in the bottom. A hydraulic motor will then apply pressure and allow its passage into the next chamber. Plate carrier quick release will also be utilized.

The melted raw materials will be injected with the help of the auger to the molds. It will be allowed to take the shape of the molds by compressing it under intense pressure, making sure that every portion of the mold is filled and position is maintained. Sometimes, the melted raw materials will be injected our poured twice to make sure that no air space is left in between the mold.

After the molding process is completed, the entire mold is allowed to cool and solidify. This process may consume quite an amount of time so to hasten the last phase of the manufacturing process, cool air is blown or water is poured over the molds and allowed to rest for a while.

We are a plastic molding company with a long and impressive history. The company roots began when Bernie and Marcia Anscher founded the company back in 1965. Just a few years ago, their son Joseph took over the business and continued the legacy left by his parents.

So if you need an item, like a plastic belt buckle, medical tool, or automotive part, to be manufactured in the best and affordable way possible, give us a call today. We’d be happy to walk you through the entire process and provide you the best solutions.

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